Friday, January 04, 2019

Find A Grave

Many of our family member's grave-sites are listed on the Find A Grave website. However, even though this website provides the opportunity of linking together these various pages into a sort of pictorial family tree, most of our family member's pages were not connected. So I set out a few months ago to correct this situation by contacting the owners of the various pages and providing the proper edit information. Recently I have received the final notice that these edits have been completed.

By visiting the Find A Grave website pages for Mom, Dad, or any of their sibling's pages, you can go back through the family and trace the family line. Some of these pages will have pictures or obituaries that are pretty interesting. I have made all the connections of family members I could find who have grave sites listed on Find A Grave. If you know of someone not listed, send me their Find A Grave page address and I will try to add them.

Regarding the Bragg family of central Illinois. Many of these families descend from Hugh Lewis and Francis Bragg, including our Great-Great-Grandfather William Bragg. However, since the graves of Hugh and Francis are unknown and not listed on Find A Grave, that part of the family line stops there. This is also the case for all the known children of Hugh and Francis Bragg. Below is the link to the pages of each of their children:

Children of Hugh Lewis and Francis Sutherland Bragg

Martha Ann Bragg Yoakum
Birth 5 May 1817
Death 7 Mar 1850 (aged 32)
Burial - Shoults Cemetery, Ross County, Ohio, USA

James Bragg
Birth 10 Jan 1820, Pickaway County, Ohio, USA
Death 30 Sep 1912 (aged 92), Moultrie County, Illinois, USA
Burial - Unknown

John Bragg
Birth 1822
Death 1864 (aged 41–42)
Burial - Unknown

Anna Mariah Bragg Hull
Birth 21 Jul 1831, Ross County, Ohio, USA
Death 21 May 1869 (aged 37), Moultrie County, Illinois, USA
Burial - Pea Cemetery, Sullivan, Moultrie County, Illinois, USA
William Bragg
Birth 14 Jun 1834, Ross County, Ohio, USA
Death 4 Dec 1900 (aged 66), Moultrie County, Illinois, USA
Burial - Pea Cemetery, Sullivan, Moultrie County, Illinois, USA

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