Thursday, April 22, 2010

Did You Know #22

Just browsing over the various entries posted on this blog it is clear that our "little" family has deep roots in the history of our great nation. As our family tree is expanded we find famous generals, governors, a vice president, etc. Distant relatives have left their mark in places which they at the very least helped found (i.e. Barnstable, MA; Andover, ME, Sparta, MO), and perhaps even named in their honor (i.e. Hull, MA).

Distant relatives have also made an impact on our culture (i.e. Henry Fonda, Larry Bird, etc.). And for the older generations among us (and I shudder at the thought of having to include myself in this category), no one individual better represented the essence of Americana than Norman Rockwell.

For years readers looked forward to Rockwell's famous art gracing the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, paintings that became iconic. Rockwell captured in his work the bonds of family and patriotism held so dear to the hearts of Americans. Everyone seemed to have their favorite Rockwell creation.

According to the Norman Rockwell Museum, "Americans first knew and loved Norman Rockwell's art as it appeared on and between the covers of America's most popular magazines. These magazine covers, advertisements, and illustrations are the heart of the collection" of Rockwell paintings now preserved at the Norman Rockwell Museum.of Vermont.

Our family connection with Norman Rockwell goes all the way back to Edmund and Joan Makin.Sherman, my 11th great-grandparents and Norman Rockwell's 8th great-grandparents. Our great-grandfather, Frank Martin Bragg, and Norman Rockwell were 9th cousins. Here is the family connection:

Bragg Family
Rockwell Family
Edmund Sherman (1572-1641) and Joan Makin
Esther (or Hester) Sherman b.1606 Rev. John Sherman b.1613
Esther Ward b.1623 Rev. James Sherman b.1651
Daniel Burr b.1660 Dr. John Sherman b.1683
Elizabeth Burr b.1696 Phineas Sherman b.1719
Nathaniel Hull b.1726 Lemuel Sherman b.1750
Ezekiel Hull b.1765 Jacob Sherman b.1779
Platt Hull b.1787
Orilla Janes Sherman b.1808
Ezekiel Hull b.1813 John William Rockwell
Rebecca L. Hull b.1841 Jarvis Waring Rockwell
Frank Martin Bragg b.1867 Norman Percival Rockwell b.1894
Orval Bishop Bragg b.1895
Don Cicero Bragg b.1920