Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Passing

We were saddened to learn of the death of our uncle, Forrest Ledbetter, husband of Aunt Jane, Dad’s older sister, He passed away on June 23, 2008 at the age of 89. Over the past few years our paths only crossed at funerals, but we do have fond memories of past family gatherings. My personal memories of “Frosty” revolve mainly around his sense of humor. As just a kid back in those days, I never had a clue that while serving in Europe during WW II that he was wounded, captured, and for a time held as a POW in a German prison camp.

Like my own father, his recently deceased younger brother Duane (below), and another brother Earl (pictured to the left; Uncle Earl passed away on August 20, 2001 at the age of 79), and of course Aunt Jane, Frosty was a member of what has appropriately become known as the “greatest generation, their selfless service in defense of our country is deserving of the greatest honor. Our hearts should be filled with pride at their powerful example of patriotism.