Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Did You Know #31

She has been called "Miss Photogenic," "Miss San Diego," "Miss Maid of California," and "The Worst Actress of All Time." She tried out for the role of Mary Ann in "Gilligan's Island" in the mid-1960's, and has appeared as a "Foster Grant" sunglasses girl. In 1995 she was ranked #18 in Empire magazine's one 100 Sexiest Stars in film history.

Raquel Welch was born in Chicago on September 5, 1940 to a Bolivian aerospace engineer and the daughter of Irish-American architect Emery Stanford Hall. When Jo Raquel Tejada was only two the family relocated to San Diego, California.

Raquel was married four times (James Westley Welch; Patrick Curtis; André Weinfeld, and Richard Palmer) and worked as the weather girl for a local San Diego TV channel. She appeared in a number of TV and movie roles, but her big break came in 1966 when she appeared in the movie One Million Years B.C. and quickly assumed a role she retains today, as an American Sex Symbol (which she has likened to being a convict).

Here is the family connection:

Baron William De Ros VI and Margaret Fitzalan
Margaret De Ros b.1398

Baron Thomas De Ros IIX b.1406
Anne Tuchet b.1422
Richard De Ros b.1428
Margaret Dutton b.1446
Mary De Ros b.1478
Richard Aston b.1465
Margaret Capell b.1500
Thomas Aston b.1490
Geoffrey Warde b.1526
Ellen Aston b.1510
Thomas Warde b.1548
Thomas Lathrop b.1536
Richard Ward b.1575
John Lathrop b.1584
Gov. Andrew Ward I b.1597
Abigail Lathrop b.1636
Esther Ward b.1623
John Clark b.1672
Daniel Burr b.1660
John Clark b.1700
Elizabeth Burr b.1696
Cutting Clark b. 1754
Nathaniel Hull b.1726
Betsey Clark b.1786
Ezekiel Hull b.1765
Elbridge Gerry Hall b. 1810
Platt Hull b.1787
Justin Smith Hall b. 1840
Ezekiel Hull b.1813
Emery Stanford Hall b. 1869
Rebecca L. Hull b.1841
Josephine Sarah Hall b. 1909
Frank Martin Bragg b.1867
Jo Raquel Tejada b. 1940 [Raquel Welch]17
Orval Bishop Bragg b.1895

This would make Raquel Welch and our grandfather 17th cousins, making us 17th cousins 2 times removed.