Monday, May 18, 2009

WOW – Kari Ann Bragg Honored

     As was stated in the previous post, Kari Bragg graduated from Freed-Hardeman University in the school’s 140th Commencement Ceremony in Henderson, TN.  Kari received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and Secondary Education.  She was a summa cum laude (Latin for: “summa cum laude “) graduate with a perfect, 4.0 grade point average. Kari was also recognized as being a member of Alpha Chi National Honor Scholarship Society.

     In looking over the graduation program I noticed that a special presentation would be made recognizing the one student who best epitomizes the values of FHU, academic excellence, leadership qualities both within the student body and in the local community.  The recipient of the Faculty Scholarship-Leadership Medal, the highest honor for the graduating class, is chosen by the faculty members and is awarded to one individual in each graduating class.  As I reflected the father in me knew that Kari should win.  As Dr. Samuel T, Jones came to the podium to announce the winner of the 2009 Faculty Scholarship-Leadership Medal he explained the history,  importance, nomination process, and the five qualities the award represents.  Then he began the introduction by stated that this years winner was a music major (I thought, “could it be??”).  Then he kept saying, “she,” and that she was a honor’s student (my mind began trying to wrap around the idea that he could very well be talking about Kari).  His next words were, “She was the founding member of Main Street Fuzion …” (an acapella group whose presentations included popular music and 

spiritual  selections).  I could not be more proud that Kari was to be recognized by her instructors (and many other faculty members who never even had her in their classes) for her hard work while a student at FHU.

     So congratulations again to Kari for so admirably completing her course of study at FHU.  Congratulations for winning the 2009 Faculty Scholarship-Leadership Medal.  Congratulations for your new teaching position in Clinton, MO.  We are so proud of you!!!

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