Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Welcome to the Bragg family blog site.

This site is designed to help our family keep in touch, share news, memories, plans, dreams, etc. Although we may live far apart, we have a place in cyberspace where we can be together again.


The Bragg Family said...

This may prove to be a very helpful resource.

shirley said...

this is awsome, we should have thought about doing something like this a long time ago.hope all is well and we send our love to everyone, phil & shirley

Deb Anthony said...

What a great idea! Thanks, Dave, for all your hard work and for putting this together. I'm still working on the video...keep running into problems. It would be great if it could be posted on here, but it's a pretty big file so I doubt that. School is almost over!! Graduation is December 16!! Since I'm in the BSN program with some people at work, they've talked me into walking during the commencement exercise :o( Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. Love you all!